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I'm Robin Kuiper a freshly graduated game developer. I just graduated at the University of Applied Science Saxion in Enschede as a Game Engineer. During my graduation I worked on Project Myron, which is a project that combines virtual reality with motion capture technology to let a player be completely immersed in a virtual world with his or her full body tracked inside the game space. Detailed information about the project can be found at


These are the skills I have knowledge of:


  • C++

  • C#

  • Unity 3D

  • JavaScript

  • Narrative Games

  • Virtual Reality

  • Unet

  • Motion capture

  • LUA

  • AS3

  • Oculus Rift DK2

  • Hansoft


  • Adobe Photoshop


Before working on games I studied IT on MBO level. Working in IT was fun but wasn't what I really wanted so I decided to take on the challenge to become a game developer.


Thanks to doing this study I also know some things about Windows Server, help desks (TopDesk), but also plain knowledge about different kinds of hardware. Through my study years I did my fair share of internships at a couple of different companies. These internships, allthough in different branches, taught me a lot about working for a company in general.


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